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Full Stack Web Dev
Mechanical Engineer
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Aidan Bigornia

Aidan Laurence M. Bigornia

I am currently a Freelance Full Stack Web Developer based here in the Philippines.

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    Educational Background

  • Zuitt Coding Bootcamp (Full Stack Web Development)
  • August 2021 - Present

  • Polytechnic University of the Philippines Main (BS Mechanical Engineering)
  • June 2013 - May 2018

    Work Experience

  • Full Stack Web Developer
  • November 2021 -

  • JFE Techno Manila Inc. | Ortigas (Piping Design Engineer)
  • November 2018 - June 2021


logo-bootstrap logo-css3 logo-expressjs logo-git logo-gitlab-ci-cd logo-heroku logo-html5 logo-javascript logo-mongodb logo-nodejs logo-postman logo-react logo-rest logo-sublime-text-3


Capstone 1: Portfolio
Capstone 1: Portfolio

This is my portfolio, my first ever project. It mainly uses HTML and Bootstrap CSS. I used my basic knowledge on these markup languages to build this.

Capstone 2: Application 1 | photo taken from Bryllim.com
Capstone 2: Website 1

This is just a glimpse of what my next project will be. Photo used was from Bryllim.com. It is neat and has modern look.

Capstone 3: Application 2
Capstone 3: Website 2

This is just a sample image for my Capstone 3 Project.

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